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November 3rd, 2009.
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 Everton A. Wilson for Mayor of Hoboken!

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 Reform Hoboken

I am running in the 2009 Special Election for Mayor of the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, Column G on the ballot. Due to the extraordinary circumstances  surrounding the deposition of the last mayor, this will be  a special election - and as such the time frame is very short. Please spread the word and share my information with anyone who you know in Hoboken.

I love this city of Hoboken. I have been a Hoboken homeowner for five years and I have been visiting since 1995 and I have many friends here. Recent administrations have taken Hoboken residents for granted. We pay an inordinate amount of taxes for cities similar to us.

Hoboken’s government operates under the strong Mayor-Council system of the Faulkner Act, which is modeled after the federal government and most states. It is unacceptable that the head of the legislative branch is also the Chief Executive. (Imagine Nancy Pelosi being speaker of the House of Representatives and President at the same time!).


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In order to vote, you must register 21 days prior to the election. Please see here on how to register or simply go here and download a printable application.



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